Enhancements to your Driveway or Patio.

Circle kits are available in different styles and dimensions and look great in a courtyard or add character to a large driveway.
Recessed manhole covers hide what was an eye sore in the driveway or patio.
Steps: Steps can be constructed in squares or radials. We can construct tired steps from. Steps make a great feature to any drive or patio. Steps can be for practical purposes or just cosmetic to add character to the front of your property..
Edging and raised kerbs create great boundary lines and focal points for your driveway. We can also construct flower beds and retain different levels with raised kerb edging. There are a wide variety of different edging kerbs to choose from in our brochure to either create contemporary lines and angles or soft old fashioned curves.
Drainage: We supply and install several different drainage systems to suit different requirements and volumes of surface water. We use Aco and Osma who offer the highest quality products available in this field.
We install soakaways for drives and patios. We also install Land Drainage and Install or repair sewers.